The Witching Hour Photography creates a tailored and inclusive fairytale experience for every body. We are New England based and specialize in fantasy portraits for business professionals, maternity, engagement, class seniors and family portraits. We are here to celebrate the magic in you! 

Located in Montague, Massachusetts

The Victorious Queen Social Media
Butterfly Busy social
Mermaid Clolseup Social Media
Experimental Dryad Social Media
Dryad Lunch Social Media
Fairy By Stream Social Media
Mermaid at a Distance Social Media
Bed of Flowers Social Media
The Magicians Social Media2
A Helping Hand Social Media
The Kiss Social Media2
By the Stones Social Media
Kassi in Flowers
Hair Brush
Kassi by Stream
Coven Social
Banshee Social
Chesterfield 2
Bear's Den copy
Butterflies and Bubbles Low Res
Mermaid by the Falls
The Scarlet Witch
Third Eye
Lisa Bacon, Medium Business Portrait
Fairies by the Falls
Fairy in the Grass
Fairy on a Swing
Tatiana on Bench
Summer Glow
Victorian Portrait
Girl on Fire
November Creeps Close
A Song of Spring
Forest of Gold