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Cottage witch  mini session

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Welcome to The Cottage Witch Mini Session! This Spring session is largely inspired by the Victorian Era, Cottagecore, and of course, all things witchy! There will be three sets to choose from, and this time, there will be packages! I'm really excited about this Mini Session, and I hope you are too! 

The Mini Session will be held in West Springfield, MA. The dates are 5/21/22 and 5/22/22. There will be 12 slots, 6 on each day. Tickets will go on sale 4/4/22 at 5 PM, EST. If you are interested in signing up early, you can sign up for my Newsletter list and have access at 4 PM on 4/4/22. 


The Artificer
Tee - Pone 1 high res.jpg
Tee - Set 1 Flipped.jpg
Greenhouse background 2.jpg
  • 1 Fine Art Image / Set

  • 1 Costume Change

  • 45 Minutes

  • $175 

The Enchanter - Best Value
  • 2 Fine Art Images / Sets

  • 2 Costume Changes

  • 60 Minutes

  • $270

The Mythic
  • 3 Fine Art Images / Sets

  • 3 Costume Changes

  • 90 Minutes

  • $420

Please note, all packages have an additional 3%  transaction fee.

Dates and SLots

Check here for open dates and slots! I will remove time slots from this list, as they sell out! There will be 12 slots in total, with 2 hours in between each. 


8 AM 
10 AM 
12 PM
2 PM - Booked
4 PM
6 PM - Booked


8 AM -Booked
10 AM
12 PM - Booked
2 PM - Booked
4 PM
6 PM 


Below, you will find examples of all three sets, and a brief description! Please note, these are unedited and taken from the viewers perspective, and not how the sets will look in their final form! They can best be described as "behind the scene" glimpses of the sets!

Cottage Witch Set List.png

How to book!

To book a slot, fill out the contact form below. This will allow you to choose your date, and time, as well as pick some back up slots, if your first choice is already taken. Once you do this, I will be notified and will send you an email with a Welcome Packet, an invoice, and a contract. Slots will be sold on a first come first serve basis, once the retainer deposit has been paid. It looks like a lot to fill out, but I really only need your name, contact information, and your preferred date and time! If you choose out to fill out more, great! If not, that is okay too!

Please note, you may fill out this form prior to 4/4/22, but your slot will not be held until I send out retainer deposit invoices on 4/4/22! Invoices will be sent out in the order they are received! 

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