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Kassi S.

I was so excited to discuss ideas & vision & bringing this fantasy to life. You were also so excited in response, so it seemed like it was going to be so much fun!

It was great talking with someone who really understands wanting to transform yourself into a fairy for the day. Plus, I'd seen your previous work, which I loved, and I thought you did a good job taking a loose idea and turning it into an actionable photoshoot.


The planning process and communication was amazing! I was never in doubt about anything or left wondering. I could always get my questions answered.

I was afraid of how I would look in the photos. I have had a lot of health challenges that led to me really dreading seeing myself in pictures, so actually I wasn't so much afraid of hiring you but of seeing the end result & feeling insecure. Instead, the pictures looked so truly magical & ethereal I literally started crying when I saw the proofs because I couldn't believe it.

Joy was aptly named because she's a literal joy to work with. I had so much fun frolicking around in costume in the woods creating these pictures with her, and I feel like she could bring any fantasy idea you had into reality. If I had endless time and money, I'd do these shoots constantly.

I love my photos so much. Thank you so much for this incredibly magical experience.

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Kat N.

Working with Joy was fast and easy! She was very responsive and great at walking me through the process. I first came across her work in Faerie Magazine and have loved her artistry ever since. The way she approaches photography really sets her apart as a fine artist and not just someone with a nice camera. Her eye for the magical has produced beyond our dream images.

The planning process was extremely informative and easy to understand. I’ve never had a professional photo taken outside of school pictures so had no idea how to navigate setting something like this up. She broke down the whole process and made it feel not daunting at all to ask questions.

We’re not models and we don’t know how to pose. We were a tad worried we would just end up resorting to our natural awkward state, but she made sure this didn’t happen. She guided us through poses, was so detail oriented, but also attentive to us during the shoot with how tiring holding a pose can be. We are beyond thrilled with the results and how fantastical we look and can’t thank her enough!

Joy is a true delight to work with and I cannot recommend her enough and bringing your magical dreams to life! Working with someone who specializes in fantasy photography made me feel so beautiful and ethereal. She’ll draw inspiration from your passions to create a one of a kind image that you’ll treasure forever.

I LOVE THE IMAGES!!!!! No other way to express other than just pure, absolute joy.

Butterflies and Bubbles High Res.jpg

Ice R.

"Joy has a true and genuine talent. Really amazing soul and makes sure you are having fun in the shoot and gets you ready for it. She truly has everything to make the vision come to life. She is such a blessing to know and work with. She brought my childhood superhero and fantasy dream to life. 

When I first reached out to Joy I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. Then I spoke with Joy, she explained everything through Instagram. Once we had our consult it was smooth and she took notes on what ideas we had. It was a stress reliever. 

My biggest fear was that Joy wasn't real and that she would not deliver what my husband and I wanted. It did not come true and she delivered more than what we expected. My pregnancy hormones made me cry! Lol! Definitely worth everything to have the beautiful pictures!

I had no trouble with communicating, any questions she sent them over and vice versa. We had a shared Pinterest board to add ideas. 

I love my maternity photoshoot and the pictures. A true fantasy come true. Real life cosplay."

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Lisa B.

"Joy was professional and detailed and made my vision feel special and so eventful. Joy really opened my mind so much more to my vision and I felt like I knew her for years! During the planning process, she was involved, professional and I didn't feel forgotten about.

I'm in awe over my photos! I want to book another session already, I'm hooked! Joy is amazing at what she does and I see the passion she has for her clients and achieving the vision of the client and her passion for what she does. She created the vision and this will last a lifetime.

Don't go anywhere else! This is my personal photographer and trust me, you won't be disappointed! She is the best!"

A Light in the Dark.jpg

Tatiana P. 

"Joy was amazing! She understood my vision well and suggested costuming that would fit my ideas. She provided a great outline with information that helped me chose the right package for my needs. She was there if I had any questions along the way.


My biggest fear was that the photos would be unflattering. The fear did not come true! Joy gives great direction when helping out posing the client, which is great if you are walking into this with no prior experience.


I really love Joy's editing  style and that she fearlessly embraces fantasy photography! I love my photos so much! I feel beautiful and confident in every one of them!

Joy is very understanding and goes above and beyond to create your very own fairytale images!"


Jenn B.JPG

Jenn B.

"Joy is sweet and humble, creative and funny. It was like talking to an old friend. When I came across her page it was like nothing I'd seen before, I knew I wanted to create with her. 

Joy is so talented and will create photo art you've never seen before, her images will take you to a different world; a fantasy world she creates from the collaboration of your thoughts and vision. 

I had no idea how Joy created this art, I knew I wanted to know more. She took the time to get to know me and explained the process in great detail. Joy made me feel at ease and comfortable. 

I absolutely love my photos, they are so creative. The photos are hanging on my walls and I recommend Joy to everyone who asks for a good photographer! Joy has inspired me to be creative"

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